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A New Normal

Produced by Theatre Direct

A Virtual Play Recommended for Grades 5-8 

Aimed at Grades 5 through 8, the play follows a group of six students as they adjust to online school and prepare a group project for their health class. There’s a lot of humour and verve in the story, but it doesn’t sugar-coat how tough things are right now, a combination the students seemed to appreciate.

-Karen Fricker, The Toronto Star

[“It’s really different from all the other plays that I saw. Just really different and really nice ... I felt like I was talking to them myself.”

-11 year old student

ERASER: A New Normal follows the lives of six elementary students as they navigate their way through this unprecedented time in the world. From Pakistan to Canada, the students deal with losing loved ones, isolation, new friendships and crossing borders all while dealing with the constraints of how to stay safe and socially distant. The students dance, sing and vlog their way through the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new ways to connect while fantasizing about how things could be different in this “new normal.”

Direction and Choreography Bilal Baig and Sadie Epstein-Fine


Created by Bilal Baig, Christol Bryan, Sadie Epstein-Fine, Marina Gomes, Tijiki Morris, Anthony Perpuse and Nathan Redburn

Ensemble Bilal Baig, Christol Bryan,  Marina Gomes, Tijiki Morris, Anthony Perpuse and Nathan Redburn

Costume Design Vanessa Magic
Lighting Design Rebecca Vandevelde
Sound Design & Composition Maddie Bautista
Production Manager Cole Vincent

Digital Content Creator Emily Soussana
Video Editor Steph Raposo

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