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LITTLE MIS(S)GENDER is about the journey of an AFAB trans non-binary operatic singer understanding their place within a fictional land that is built on gender binaries, rules and punishments. Inspired by Roger Hargreaves Little Miss and Mr. Men children’s books, the singer travels to “Fachland” (aka Genderland) to have their Fach determined by the great all-knowing “Mutterfächer” (Mother of all Fachs), but first must embrace their expanding gender and voice, while finding their place in a world that still seeks to limit and define them.

To find out more about LITTLE MIS(S)GENDER, including inspiration and updates, go to

From June 6-18, 2022 the Little Mis(s)gender team underwent a first-phase development workshop on the script, music and design elements. We presented present a portion of the script with design prototpying from all departments..

Playwright/Performer — Teiya Kasahara

Director — Sadie Epstein-Fine (they/them)

Performer — Lee Stone (they/them)

Stage Manager — Rafael Lim Daunt (he/they)

Pianist — Trevor Chartrand (he/him)

Sound Designer — Steph Raposo (they/them)

Lighting Designer — Emerson Kafarowski (she/they)

Animation & Illustration — Maddie Garces (she/they)

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