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October 13-22, 2018

56C Kensington Ave

Toronto, ON

“With its small town setting, moments of strange horror, and focus on high school romance, it has an occasional Twin Peaks-y vibe, an undertow of mystery mixed with dark comedy emphasized by Epstein-Fine’s dynamic direction.”

-My Entertainment World

“Sadie Epstein-Fine’s direction keeps the audience on their toes by weaving the action around


-Mooney on Theatre

Tire Swing is about a boy who goes missing and how his three friends have to deal with the aftermath of his disappearance. The show follows them from ages 10-18 as they grow up and have to deal with the darkness that consumes their town. They also have to deal with all of the other things that come with growing up, such as trying to fit in, figuring out their sexuality, and finding what pieces of themselves they have to leave behind. ​

Written by Curtis te Brinke


Directed by Sadie Epstein-Fine


Featuring Jocelyn Adema, Patrick Fowler, Nikki Haggart, Francois MacDonald

Design Jason Thompson

Stage Management Kaitlyn Smith

Media Andrew Pieroni

Producer Aaron Jan

“With an objective eye, director Sadie Epstein-Fine arranges her actors in a way that what’s happening in front of us is just as important as what’s happening behind us.”

-The Theatre Reader

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