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LITTLE MIS(S)GENDER workshop by Teiya Kasahara- Director

Eraser (Playwrights Canada Press)- Playwright

Sugar Plum workshop (Sugar Plum Collective/Nightwood Theatre)- Co-Director/Playwright


I am William (Stratford Festival)- Assistant Director to Esther Jun

Sugar Plum workshop (Nightwood Theatre)- Director/Playwright

The Last Five Years workshop (Stratford Festival)- Director

Queerspawn Digital Storytelling Project (ArQuives)


Eraser : A New Normal (Theatre Direct) - Director/Choreographer/Playwright/Creator                                   

Spamalot (Stratford Festival) - Assistant Director to Lezlie Wade (cancelled because of COVID-19)


Eraser* (Why Not Theatre's Riser Project) - Director/Choreographer/Playwright/Creator                         

Mama Mia (Lawyer Show- Nightwood Theatre)- Director                              

Grace (Nightwood Theatre)- Assistant Director to Andrea Donaldson

Worry Warts (Convergence Theatre) - Assistant Director/Creator to Julie Tepperman

The Queen in Me (Nightwood Theatre/Theatre Gargantua) - Associate Director to Andrea Donaldson

The Stray Sheep Cabaret by Catt Filipov (Groundswell Festival, Nightwood Theatre) - Director 

Cleave (Forward March Festival- Theatre Direct)- Director   



Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents** (Demeter Press) - Editor

Mother Load  by Brian Cope and Charles Hayter(Rhubarb Festival- Buddies in Bad Times)- Director/Dramaturg                           

Mikveh (Harold Green Jewish Theatre)- Fight Consultant               

Unholy  by Diane Flacks (Nightwood Theatre) - Fight Coordinator and Assistant Director to Kelly Thornton                                 

Imp  by Curtis the Brinke (Filament Incubator) - Fight Coordinator   



SCAT (Toronto Fringe) - Director/Playwright/Choreographer/Creator                               

King Lear (Canadian Stage) - assistant director to Alistair Newton                               

strangers, babies (Theatre Panik) - assistant director to Paul Lampert



Tire Swing by Curtis the Brinke (Filament Incubator/Epigraph Collective) - Director

This One Time When (Playground Festival, York University) - Director/Choreographer/Creator


2015 & Prior                          

BRANTWOOD: 1920-2020 By Julie Tepperman/Mitchell Cushman (Theatre Sheridan) - Assistant Director & Guest Performer

Freda and Jem's Best of the Week by Lois Fine (Buddies in Bad Times) - Performer 

The Common Ground: A Musical Dissertation by Ken McNeilly (Toronto Fringe Festival) - Choreographer/Assistant Director/Producer

The 10/10/10 Project (Bismuth Theatre) - Choreographer



*Nominated for 5 Dora Awards in the Theatre for Young Audience Category: Outstanding Direction, New Play, Production, Ensemble, Design

**Nominated for LAMBDA Literary Award (anthology) and Forward Indies Awards (anthology and LGBT non-fiction)


Residencies and Theatre Administration

Nightwood Theatre- Intern Artistic Director (2017-2019)     

                                 - Artist in Residence (2021-2022) 

Shakespeare in the Ruff-  Co-Education Coordinator (2022)

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre- Queer, Jewish Incubator Participant (2022)

International Centre for Arts for Social Change- FUTURE/Forward communitee-engaged arts mentee (2021)                             

Ten Oaks Project- Artist in Residence (2017)                                                 

Theatre Direct- education coordinator/associate artist (2016-2017)                                                          


SOLE- High School Drama Workshop (2019)

Cityview Alternative School- Devised Theatre Program Coordinator, Drama Week Director  (2008-2016)                                    

The Linden School- Stage Combat Workshops (2013 & 2016)   

Musical Stage Company- One Song Glory Trainer (2021 & 2022)                                                    



York University - Bachelor of Arts, Specialized Honours, Theatre

Rapier Wit - Intermediate Actor Combatant

Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement - Ballet Advanced Foundations, YMI Dancing Company Member

Metro Movement - Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Theatre Jazz

Contemporary Dance Masterclass with Bangarra Dance Company (Canadian Stage) 2019

Contemporary Dance Masterclass with Yang Zhen (Canadian Stage) 2019 

Masterclass with Lukas Avendano: Instillation for the Human Body (Rutas Festival, Aluna Theatre) 2018


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